Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How a 5s Map can help you sustain your 5s efforts

A 5s Map is one lean tool that help us set the standard about how a station, an office or an area should look like after 5s.

If you have been trying to implement 5s in your office on in your factory you might be running with one common problem : "Sustainment".

How can you make sure that people are sustaining the 5s efforts?

People tend to forget if they are not reminded about how a place should look like or what exactly needs to be done to maintain a standard. The 5 s map helps you resolving this issue

Please see example of a 5s Map:

The map should idealy have a picture o a drawing of the area, indicating the place where the containers, work in process, tools and cleaning supplies need to be located.
The map should also include a very short description of the task that the operator or employee is expected to complete in order to complete the 5s Activity.
This tools is also an excellent visual aid for supervisors, team leaders of managers to spot problems or opportunities for improvement. Since the map is indicating how things should look like, the supervisor or manager can quickly perform a check and confirm if the standard is being follow. The following Video shows a great way to explain 5S

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