Thursday, May 7, 2009

Additional reasons to implement 5S in your office

A lot of people ask about why they should implement 5S in their offices if 5s is a concept that was developed in the manufacturing environment.

In addition to all the benefits that we have already mentioned in this blog, I will list some other considerations that you might want to take in to account when trying to decide whether or not you should apply 5s to your office:

You can't work to the best of your abilities when your office is a disorganized mess.
Your workspace is a visual representation of what kind of person you are; that's how your clients and supervisors see it.
Out-of-control office clutter costs money in time, effort, late fees and lost business.

Most people excuse their messy offices by saying they don’t have time to clean. But dealing with the consequences of a chaotic workspace takes far more time than simply cleaning. If a clean office increases your productivity by only 20%, that can convert into approximately $40,000 to $50,000 in value over the next 10 years. A clean office also pays off in reduced stress and anguish.

Office clutter is intimidating, frustrating and time wasting. Your workspace represents you to your clients, superiors and co-workers. It reflects your personality and work habits. What do you want your work area to say about you? (Or do you just want it to be quiet?)

When your desk is a mess, people assume you are incompetent, indecisive and uncaring.

Office clutter is not only unsightly, it’s dangerous. Workplace accidents occur when someone trips on an electrical cord or a box, walks into an open file drawer, has to dodge a falling pile of junk, or slips on loose papers or spilled coffee. To check if your workspace is safe, ask yourself the following questions: Is anything stored on the floor, on stairs or in precarious stacks? Is junk blocking access to fire escapes, doors, windows or walkways? Are chemicals stored properly? Are the electrical outlets overloaded?

These reasons might motivate you to push forward your 5s effort in your office.....if this is still not enough please let me know.

The following video shows a great way to explain 5s

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