Saturday, May 2, 2009

TIme Management Tips- How to Manage your email more effectively

Less is more – Unless your job requires hourly e-mail monitoring – such as receiving
orders from customers – only check e-mail twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

Prioritize – Millions of people turn their computers on in the morning and
immediately check their e-mail. That allows e-mail to dictate their schedules. Paying
attention to your projects, goals and tasks is much more important.

Turn off and tune in – Pull the plug on the ping or fl ashing signal that alerts you to
the arrival of a new e-mail. All that does is interrupt your work.

Fight the urge – Breaking the e-mail habit means trying your best for a week or two.

Make a sign as a reminder of your commitment. Resist the urge to check habitually.

Filter, filter, filter – Find a reliable program to keep spam out of your in-box. Notify
family and friends that you’d rather not receive jokes and other useless e-mail.

Reply, divert or delete – Decide what to do with each message: Reply right away, send
it to a particular sorting folder or delete it. Don’t just let stuff sit in your in-box.

Reply in brief – See if you can keep your e-mail answers shorter than five sentences.

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