Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Guidelines for Leading in a lean organization

1. Lead by example, not by position.

2. Practice the role of manager/leader as a teacher and role model. Trust, respect and honesty are required core values that form the basis for all desirable behaviors.

3. Develop, communicate and stay focused on a simple vision with clear goals. People must know where we are, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

4. Encourage problems and solutions. Follow the problem-solving process to the root cause. “Don’t fix blame, fix the problem.”

5. Monitor the process, as well as the results.

6. Managers should have the questions, not the answers. Listen actively and ask those involved what their solution would be. If the proposed solution is OK, then support the implementation. If you can’t agree with the solution, explain why not and be specific.

7. Respect others, including their time. Keep commitments and stay focused on the facts.

8. Express thanks and appreciation for the effort, even if the solution could have been better.

9. Standardize all processes and activities to form a basis for improvement. Improvement is an everyday activity, not a special event.
10. “Do it because I say so” does not work in a Smart environment. “Do it because it is the right thing for the goals of the company and here is why” does. You must be a teacher

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