Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to influence people - The Influence principles

One of the key skills required during the implementation of lean is the ability to influence others to pursue a common goal. Influence gets hand in hand with leadership and when combined properly they are powerful tools that could change the way things are done.

Here are the principles of influence:

1- Liking: We are more likely to respond favorably to those who sincerely respond positively to us
2- Reciprocity: follow the the golden rule of collaboration and support :" Do unto others as you hope they would do unto you when you need it.
3- Social Proof: We are drawn to be like those who are like us or whom we want to be like.
4- Consistency: We tend to follow our commitments with action and more commitment particularly those that we made publicly
5- Authority: We tend to rely on information from those we recognize as having expert knowledge or greater experience.
6- Scarcity: We tend to want more of something we believe has limited availability

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