Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to reflect about how lean airports are

It is that time of the year when a lot of us spend quite some time at the
airport and this presents a perfect opportunity to reflect about how lean
the airports are.

Checking In

A lot of improvements have been made on this front. Self check in machines
have sped the process to a certain extent and one can clear observe that
the FIFO rules are being follow. However unnecesary time is being lost
because no visual management is in place. People waiting in line can not
see which machines are working, which machines are not being used or which
flight attendand is available to help you out.


We all hate this part. Shoes off, belt off, laptop out, etc...... Clearly
this is not a one piece flow operation and waiting in lane is the most
predominant waste. Why could not we be controlled while we are waiting in
line for the check in? What paradigms do the airlines need to change in
order for this to happen?

Boarding the plane

Why can we not board the plane according with our seat assigments?. People
seating in the back of the plane should be the first ones boarding and the
first class passangers the last ones.

Well .... There seems to be still a lot of work for the airlines in matters
of lean.

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