Thursday, August 9, 2007

How Can Value Stream Mapping help me?

Value Stream Mapping

How can value stream mapping help you to improve your processes and your life (at work and everywhere)

let's start by defining what value stream mapping is all about.

Value Stream Mapping is a lean technique or lean tool that is used to analyse the flow of material and information currently required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

Value stream mapping is an evolution of some techinques like flow charts and process mapping. The "evolution" is that Value stream mapping identify the Value added activities and the non value added activities; in other words the tool help to identify all the waste that you have in the process that you are analysing.

Identifiying the waste in your process is exactly where you find all the power of this tool. You would be amazed to see how waste all your processes have.............

This is a powerful tool that deserves a closer look and it is a tool that will help you solve a lot of the problems that you currently have in your office or in your factory, for that reason I will be spending the next couples of days talking about:

what you need to understand before trying to use the tool.
what are the steps to implement the tool

so please stay tune............

ps: I am now trying to implement the tool and will be sharing some of the experiences that I am having by implementing Value Stream Mapping.

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Bizbodz said...

Hi, We're building a library of Value stream mapping resources at our site. I'd be really interested in what problems you experience in using VSM i.e did it take you a long time to learn - did you have the right tools available - what was your approach i.e. team based or on your own and also if you experienced any problems how you dealt with them.