Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lean Manufacturing Cell

Best books of the LEAN philosophy:

1- Getting the Right Things Done by Pascal Dennis.
2- The Gold Mine by Freddie Balle.
3- Toyota Kata by Mike Rother.

Lean manufacturing is about the elimination of waste: wasted time,
wasted motion, wasted production.

A well-designed lean manufacturing workcell can deliver agility to your production operations — simplifying management and material flow, and eliminating wasted material, movement and time.

Cellular Manufacturing and workcells are at the heart of Lean Manufacturing. Their benefits are many and varied. They increase productivity and quality. Cells simplify material flow, management and even accounting systems.

Cellular Manufacturing seems simple. But beneath this deceptive simplicity are sophisticated Socio-Technical Systems. Proper functioning depends on subtle interactions of people and equipment. Each element must fit with the others in a smoothly functioning, self-regulating and self-improving operation.

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