Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Leadership Rules

There are some basic leadership rules, that if followed, will make you a better leader today.
These are the rules
·         Shape the future” – Develop, share and drive your vision of the future.
·         “Make things happen” – Execute. Turn talk into action and do it properly.
·         “Engage today’s talent” – Develop abilities in others and inspire them to commit to the success of the organization.
·         “Build the next generation” – Think about the future: Who will lead and sustain the organization after you leave? Consider and nurture the leaders and the skills leaders will need in the years to come.
·         “Invest in yourself” – Commit to growing “intellectually,” “emotionally,” “physically,” “socially” and “spiritually,” by staying engaged, learning, building relationships, and by knowing and following your values.
If you want to make sustainable and timely change, make sure to follow these rules


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