Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to engage your employees for more successful results

When trying to engage employees, avoid the following:

Don't assume that, because someone has one good quality, the person is great at everything. This prevents managers from seeing the opportunities for improvement.

Don't speak negatively about other team members, their peers or senior management and leaders.

Don't withhold feedback because you assume your employees already know where they need to improve or will "figure it out" on their own.

Don't avoid regular communication, the best tool is to set up ongoing one-on-one conversations to build trusting, more productive relationships with your employees.

Don't assume your team knows what is expected from them, remind them in a positive way on a regular basis what your expectations are and how successful results look like.

Don't assume people understand your reasoning behind decisions. By the same token, don't blame any decisions on "upper management," "the HR department" or anyone else. Employees see right through that.

 Don't forget that praise is about them, not you.  Praise every day if possible, for a good presentation, they way a conference call was conducted, the way a customer complain was handle, this only takes 20 seconds.....example: John when you addressed that customer complain this morning in such a professional way, you contribute to the image or our company, thank you for that.
That's it, short and simple.

Don't discipline or demean in front of others, provide improvement feedback in private. Learn to provide feedback both positive an negative

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