Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to communicate the big picture?

Steps for Communicating the Big Picture

Communicate a destination.

Employees need to understand the company’s new direction and how they fit into it. They need to see how specific strategies and projects fit into overall plans and what the final outcomes are supposed to look like.

Be honest and forthright with information about revenue, forecasts, and production.

Most employees respect being given honest information and respond positively even to bad news. Keep the information reliable, but mostly, keep the information coming.

Distinguish external forces from internal ones.

Examples of external forces are changing markets, shifting customer preferences, and deregulation. Internal forces include reorganization, new work processes, and new technology.

Understanding the origin and motivation for change often helps employees gain perspective on why they need to do things differently. External causes of change can sometimes make employees feel more afraid and less in control.

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