Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Things Done - Who is winning the game

In a basketball game between the Lakers and the Celtics, how do you know who is winning?

Answer: by looking at the score.

Although many managers are reluctant to deal in numbers, that's really the only way to keep your
team members apprised of their progress, tell them what you expect and show them how they can
improve. Imagine a coach sending a play to the quarterback without knowing how many yards the
team needs, what yard line the team is on or what the score is? As a team leader, you need to know the score and to be able to discuss scoring more points.

A coach may applaud his quarterback for trying to score, but ultimately if the quarterback can't get into the end zone, the team will get a new quarterback.

Your salespeople need to keep their eyes on the scoreboard at all times. They need to know when
they're winning or if they need to adjust the game plan.

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