Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting things Done - Create a routine - Kata

It takes only three months to create a habit, good or bad. Routine builds good habits. Just look at a
successful major league baseball pitcher. In all likelihood, he can tell you his game day routine
down to the minute. He eats his pre-game meal at the same time, arrives at the ballpark at the same
time, and does his stretching exercises and warm-ups at the same time. He has programmed
himself to succeed by using this routine. Imagine a teenager who has a messy room, but who sincerely desires to become neater. If she starts by tidying her room 15 minutes every day, eventually the results will encourage her to do more. Soon, she'll find herself straightening up instinctively. Sometimes, a lack of routine is the only thing that stands in your way. Even something as seemingly mundane as checking e-mail can be turned into a productive routine. Instead of checking your e-mail every 15 minutes, only check it twice a day. Pretty soon that will be a habit, too.

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