Friday, October 9, 2009

What do you do to come up with suggestions?

At times companies trying to implement suggestions programs struggle with the most important part of such programs.....generating suggestions!

What can we do in order to come up with suggestions? if we are the ones going to provide suggestions, here there are some ideas.
Take note of whenever there is something that does not quite feel right
Collect information from the work of other companies, or other departments. It may be available from presentations, books, TV. etc
Study" idea products" by visiting stores such as a do-it-yourself shop.
Study many examples of improvement
First experiment by cutting, pasting, bending, etc. using such alternative materials as paper
Always ask yourself if it is satisfactory the way it is now
Always be attentive to what is happening at the shop floor
Review improvement ideas of small group improvement activities

What can we do in order to encourage people to contribute suggestions?

Provide support as much as possible to meet the goal of ten suggestions per person every month
As we improve the work by involving our people, link ideas generated by suggestions
Provide hints to people so that they can develop the habits, willingness, patience, and confidence within themselves
Avoid criticizing ideas generated
Always observe people's work and contribute advice
Always generate questions, and ask people to think about them.
Always demonstrate practicing improvement by management as well
in order to develop people's interest in making improvement, help execute ideas to show how things can be improved
Encourage people to face reality as opposed to staying at the conceptual level

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