Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to generate more ides for improvement

Sometimes we might feel that we can not come up with suggestions and that we have looked at all possibles opportunities for improvements. When that happens we need to step back and look at our activities and processes from a different perspective. The attached check list can be used by anybody to try to come up with more ideas for improvement. As always I encourage the team leaders, supervisors and managers to ask these questions while on the shop floor or office. The answer to these questions will be opportunities for improvement.

Try to focus on these questions affecting the way we do things, the method that we use.

Can we simplify, combine, or eliminate our jobs, materials, parts, etc?
Can we eliminate the redundant work done at multiple locations?
Can we do it right the first time?
Can we clarify the standards better and practice managing by exception?
Can we change the work method?
Can we improve the use of Standard operation procedures so that it is easy to follow?
Can we improve the training method? Do we have one?
Can we improve the housekeeping and workplace organization for materials, tools, parts, etc?
Can we improve the capacity of the operation, machine, or line?
Can we improve the layout?
Can we reduce the setup time?
Can we stop overproduction?

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