Saturday, March 21, 2009

Practical Problem Solving (8) Step 7 = Check both Results and Processes

Evaluate results and processes, and share it with members involved

Assess the overall results, and the processes used to achieve the results (Did you use a good process?)

Three key viewpoints need to be considered when assessing the overall results:

your own, the customers, and the Company's

Asking the following questions will help you do hansei on the problem solving process and the assessment process

–Did I learn from the process?
–Did it lead to customer and stakeholder satisfaction?
–Did we produce results or develop processes that will help the company?

Understand the factors behind the success or failure to accumulate knowledge and know-how. Please value processes as much as results, only constant results can be considered results (repeatable)

–Do not assume the outcomes of a project. See them first hand for yourself before evaluating.
–It is not enough to know what happening. Insight and improvement come from knowing why.

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