Sunday, March 1, 2009

Practical Problem Solving (2) 8 Steps for problem solving

The 8 steps of the practical problem solving are a more detailed application of the PDCA cycle:

the 8 steps are:

1 - Clarify and validate the problem

2- Breakdown the problem and identify any deviations from your target

3- Set an improvement target

4- Perform the root cause analysis

5- Develop the countermeasures

6- See the countermeasures through (implement the countermeasures)

7- Monitor / Check / Control the results and the processes

8- Standardize Successful processes and adjust accordingly

As you can see steps 1 to 5 are activities that we do within the PLAN of the PDCA. The other steps are the DO = implementing your countermeasures, CHECK = Monitor your results and processes and ADJUST/ACT= Standardize successful processes and adjust accordingly. (Please see diagram)

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