Monday, February 16, 2009

Why vision statemets fail to deliver results? The use of a Blue Sky

Why do vision statements fail to deliver results?

Let's start with the definition of a Vision statement.

Simply put a vision statement is the inspiration, the framework for all the strategic planning that a company does.

The vision statement answers the question about where does a company wants to go.
Having a vision statements is a great start for any company, but having one does not mean that you know how to get to the place you describe in your vision.

But How do we get there?

Well, you have to develop a plan to get there and today in this article I will try to help you get started with this.

One methodology that can help us develop such a plan is called: Blue Sky.

A Blue Sky is the link between the vision and the operational improvements that a company wants to achieve. A blue sky aligns the functional areas to create momentum for change. A blue sky serves a the mecanism to cascade down all the tactical actions required while serving as an excellent mean to communicate the direction that the company is going.

Since the blue sky helps set the vision the operational objectives and the strategy, it is always use withing a policy deployment process or Hoshin Kanri.

It is worth noting that a blue sky is a pictorial representation of the key operational goals.

The process to create a Blue Sky for your company looks like this:

1- Organize a brainstorming event

2- Present the Blue Sky Goals and process

3- Brainstorm elements of the company blue sky

4- Create pictures to describe the elements

Once you have created your blue sky, you will have to develop a plan to achieve the blue sky. This is going to be discussed in a later blog.

Tomorrow we will go into detail about how to generate the Blue sky following the steps mentioned before

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